110 in the Shade

110 In The Shade
Theatrical Outfit
through June 24, 2018

You probably recall the story of The Rainmaker; a scam artist who visits a small town and tries to con folks out of $100 for making their drought season come to an end. The story is the same, but this is a musical, and just as enticing.

Tom Key directs a cast of 13 who sing, dance and work their way through the story doing 19 really good numbers. LaParee Young is the father of two sons and a daughter. Ayana Reed is Lizzie, and she gets involved with Starbuck, who is the con man. Her brothers are Noah (Lowrey Brown) and Jimmy (Edward McCreary) each with different thoughts about what’s going on and how Lizzie should behave.

You’ll also meet Eugene H. Russell IV as Sheriff File, who also may have eyes for Lizzie. The other busy girl in town is the red hat lady, Snookie (Galen Crawley). So the story is that things don’t always happen as one might expect, and even a bad deed can work out well. And all comes out well in the end.

One of the headline numbers is Lizzie’s number, Raunchy. But, they are all good and well done and entertaining with a live 6-piece band conducted by S. Renee Clark.. The set is very stark and basically back curtains with projected images; but it works quite well and the show is about the folks on stage.

The theatre is on Luckie Street downtown, and you can park at the garage just north of them and they have discounted garage passes you can buy for $6. Take a little extra time to get there when something is going on at Centennial Park or the Stadium. This is a really pleasant evening in a theatre where every seat has a fine view.

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