2018 Suzi Bass Awards





2018 Suzi Bass Awards

The polls are closed and the votes have been counted!

The Suzi Bass Awards held a splendid event at Oglethorpe’s Conant Performing Arts Center, with hundreds of folks and fans from our theatre community sharing the anticipation and the excitement of this high society evening.

Actor’s Express cleaned the rack winning 11 Suzi’s, four of which were based upon their production of Angels in America. And the Aurora Theatre pulled in 6. Theatrical Outfit, the Alliance and Horizon also scored well. It was especially cool to see Syncronicity, a small company winning two Suzi’s and Serenbe Playhouse as well as Center for Puppetry Arts coming home with awards.

If you are more a fan of musicals then drama, then you would love that The Color Purple came away with 6 Suzi’s, while The Hunchback of Notre Dame won 4. The other winners were Tarzan, Cabaret, Candide and Always…Patsy Cline.

As noted above, Angels in America won 4 Suzi’s for best plays while sharing the stage with Abigail/1702, Citizens Market, The Life and Death of Richard the Second, Miss Bennet: Christmas at Pemberley, The Christians, Project Dawn and Sheltered.

How may of them did you get to see?  If you answered 6 or more then we salute you. For the things which makes a community a leader are transportation, education and cultural arts. Gladly, Hartsfield-Jackson is at the top of the list, many of our schools are doing well and growing, and we are fortunate to have a very vital theatre community. A night out is a lot more entertaining than watching politicians on the tube.