5 Course Love

5 Course Love
Marietta Theatre
through February 22, 2020

Forget about the flowers and chocolates for Valentine’s Day. A couple of tickets to this really great show will be far more memorable for all. A really unique cabaret burlesque where you feel as if you are part of the show.

You will be at a restaurant where a single guy hopes to hook up with a woman. Thinks don’t always work out the way we wish, at least not at the start. The restaurant is run by Dean (Alex Eberhart) and he has some management problems. Chris Saltalamacchio shows up as Matt, a very single man; and he runs into Barbie (Lillian Shaw) thinking she is somebody else; but she has the same problem with him. And this is just a start.

The story is really about five different couples in different beaneries. Each player comes back in four more roles. Barbie is also Sofia, Gretchen, Rosalinda and Kitty; while Matt is also Gino, Klaus, Guillermo and Clutch. And Dean is also Carlo, Heimlich, Ernesto and Pops.

As you might guess from the names, the bistro starts off as a BBQ type joint, then Italian, then German, followed by a Latino and finally back to local American joint. What is also incredible about this show is that there is a band of three players onstage, Brian Osborne, Ian Scheffer and Aaron Crowe all of whom are associated with Reinhardt University and they effortlessly move through 31 numbers all in a one act show running about 90 minutes.

This is a thoroughly delightful experience being staged at a small local theatre, but of the quality one might expect from a larger company. Costumes, choreography, music and everything working together for a grand fun time. More info at MariettaTheatre.com