A Christmas Carol







A Christmas Carol
Alliance Theatre
through December 24, 2022

Let’s start by advising that this is NOT your grandmother’s version of Dicken’s tale. For you’ll not find Scrooge (Andrew Benator) in bed with the dead Marley (Matthew Morris) and the ghosts of Past, Present and Future trying to get that Scrooge to understand the meanings of social relationships. Poor Mr. Cratchit (Christopher Hampton) is being imposed on, as usual, to get some work done on that silly holiday. But he does have a youngster, Tiny Tim (Emberlynn Wood) who is important to his family despite hisdisabilities.

Leora Morris directs this adaptation, which although it is quite different is predicated upon the same grumpy old geezer and his set of values vs. real life. Some of it makes one think that with the news of these days, that this could be real people, even though we don’t have debtors’ prisons.

The show runs about 2.5 hours with an intermission, and is very well staged and performed, as usual at The Alliance. And while the Dickens story os being told by several theatres, this one is totally unique. So get your info and tickets at AllianceTheatre.org and plan to go after you gobble up your turkey….