A Christmas Story


A Christmas Story
The Musical
Fox Theatre
through December 4, 2016

We know it is the time of year for all the rent-payers being staged.  You may have seen The Nutcracker or Christmas Carol many times, and maybe even have seen this show in the old film from the 1980’s, or on TV.  But, this production is one you really will want to take the kids to see.

You start off with Jean Shepherd (Christ Carsten) doing his on-the-air routine about some days of his youth.  He recalls his father “The Old Man” (Christopher Swan) and his desires to get rid of the those darn dogs from next door, and maybe to even win some prize as a puzzle solver.  Well the old geezer does win a prize, albeit isn’t exactly what one might have imagined.  It’s a lamp that looks like a lady’s leg in hosiery and wearing a spike heel.  But, it works for him; because now he’s a “winner.”

Susannah Jones plays the wife and mother to two young lads.  Ralphie, is the center character and it’s about what he wants for a Christmas gift.  This role is played alternatively by Austin Molinaro and Myles Moore.  And Ralphie’s brother, Randy is played by Arick Brooks.  In all there are more than three dozen players and great sets, costumes, special effects and live music.

The young actors/dancers/singers and the Bumpus hounds, bring to mind the old adage about why adult actors never want to share the stage with animals or children.  These youngsters are nothing short of inspiring, and everyone from 8 to 98 enjoyed their presence.

The evening shows are at 7:30 so you can get the kids (or oldsters) home by 10:30, as it runs about 2 hours with one intermission.  But, get there early as they now have a security line a bit like being at the airport.  Ralphie may want a BB gun for a gift, but do NOT plan to bring one for him.
More info easily available at FoxTheatre.org