A Nice Family Christmas


A Nice Family Christmas
Stage Door Players
through December 16, 2018

Playwright Phil Olson grew up in Minnesota where folks learn to eat lutefisk and try to stay warm. So it is no wonder that such a traditional seasonal treat finds its way into some of his works. But, if you want some great laughs, this is the time to see this play.

A family is coming together for a holiday meal. The mother (Dina Shadwell) has started the cooking and her two sons, Carl (Eric Poger Abrahamsen) who is a journalist on assignment and Doctor Michael (Jeff K. Lester) are working off one another; albeit the one at the center of the stage is their Grandma (Susan Shalhoub-Larkin) who wants to always be the center of attention, and she’s a hoot.

Uncle Bob (Larry Davis) may not have been expected to arrive, nor maybe wasn’t invited; but that isn’t going to stop him from gate crashing and visiting his sister-in-law. Then Stacey (Madison Welch) becomes a person of interest when she comes out to her mother. And there is Michael’s wife, Jill (Alexandra Ficken) who has issues as well.

OK; so this is a play, a work of fiction; but if you have a family you are going to start to think this wild bunch may be based on folks who know. Ryan Oliveti directs this work, which moves with great aplomb through a lot more issues than you have expected. It’s more than just dressing a tree and putting out gifts, but like any Christmas opus all shall come out right in the end.

Stage Door Players is easy to get to in Dunwoody and has free parking and comfy seats. More info at StageDoorPlayers.net