A View from the Bridge





A View from the Bridge
Lionheart Theatre
through November 20, 2022

Step back to the 1950’s in Brooklyn when there were many immigrants, some of whom were being smuggled in as longshoremen. It might remind one of some past generations when if somebody was not of your ethic group, they weren’t as warmly welcomed.

Marco (James Cogwell) and Rodolpho (JD Dyess) have come to stay a while at the home of Eddie Carbone(Michael Miller) and his wife Beatrice (Gaby Naylor) and niece Catherine (Alex Self). Rodolpho and Cathy become interested in each other, and maybe because he can sing, dance, sew and cook, Eddie decides that “he is not right.” You won’t hear words like gay, homo, or others; but you will get the inexplicit message from the author.

And, if you have a family that is not always on the same page in the book of life, you certainly will get the message from the memories. Directed by Darci Rose Wells, it is a VERY well staged production in this theatre just off Norcross Square. And, don’t eat too any sweets before attending as they want to surprise you with wonderful treats at intermission. They show goes on at 7:30 on Friday and Saturday and 2pm on Sundays. More info and tickets at LionTheatre.org.