A Year with Frog and Toad






A Year with Frog and Toad
Synchronicity Theatre
through December 30, 2018

Fifteen years ago, the brothers Robert and Willie Reale, brought to stage a children’s book by Arnold Lobel which had quite a following. The show went to Broadway, where audiences really enjoyed it. So now we have a chance for kids from 4 to 94 to see it staged here.

The story is about a Frog (Matt Baum) and a Toad (Greg Hunter) who are friends. They’re hibernating when spring arrives and they get on with doing what amphibians like to do, until Act II when the leaves start to fall and the birds are heading south like many of the older folks. Taryn Janelle and Lyndsay Ricketson are the sprightly birds who get a lot of motion going. They also double as other creatures in some scenes. And Elliott Folds is the third bird who also gets to deliver some snail mail. After all, how many frogs would use a computer?

Jenna Tamisiea directed this show which goes through some really cute and funny musical numbers as the frog and toad find their ways through a year. Like humans, they have their good days and not-so-good ones; but as role models for many of us they resolve issues as they experience life. There’s a lesson there for each of us. It’s not about self esteem, as it should be about caring for others as well as ourselves.

Synchronicity performs at the Invesco Building on Peachtree Street, with on street and valet parking available. Easy to get to and comfy seats all with good views. For more info check them out at SynchroTheatre.com