Abigail / 1702

Abigail / 1702
Aurora Theatre
through October 15, 2017

October seems to be a time for ghoulish stuff, culminating with all hallowed eve. And the Aurora runs their Ghost Tours in Lawrenceville, and this year they take us back to the bad olde days in New England.

Diany Rodriguez plays a young woman who has lived through the days of the witch hunts in Salem, and has some memories that she just can never erase. She knows more of the spirit world than many other folks, and also can be a healer of others using homeopathic and other uncustomary procedures.

She meets up with a young man (Lee Osorio) who has the pox and needs somebody to save him. He says he is a seafarer, and maybe he, as well as the young lady, have some things in their personal history they’d prefer not to publicize.

The woman cares for a young lad (Joshua Pagan) who had no family nor home. And, at one point she has to consider finding him another foster parent. Olivia D. Dawson plays an older woman, who had taken in the younger one, trained her, and is possessed of knowledge of the past in the region. And Peter Hardy is an older gent who appears as a judge and minister in this tale.

The story is derived of the saga of Abigail Williams who actually was involved in the accusations against more than 20 people in the Salem witch trials of 1692, and most of these alleged witches were put to death. So come back to the days of Salem, and The Crucible, and see some more of the background that was kept a secret for so long.

The play by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa premiered about 4 years ago to great acclaim. And this cast of five players directed by Justin Anderson, uses a terrific set by Isabel and Moriah Curley-Clay, and does a very intense trip through those days in a one-act show that runs about 95 minutes.

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