American Buffalo

Amer Buffalo

American Buffalo

True Colors Theatre

through March 6, 2016

David Mamet may best be known for his work, Glengarry Glen Ross which dealt with some real estate characters; and he also wrote Speed-the-Plow, about the film industry. He likes to deal with the undersides of life. Everything is never as we might perceive it to be. C’est la vie.

This work is set in a dumpy looking resale shop that makes my garage look neat as a pin. The set by Moriah and Isabel Curley-Clay is a knock-out. You sit there wondering how they managed to scour up all this junk and how many trucks it will take to get it all back to Goodwill.

The cast of three, directed by John Dillon, is soooo right-on. We meet Bobby (Garrett Gray) who is a newbie working at Don’s Resale shop. He’s a gofer and may be thinking about how he could learn and benefit from being apprenticed to a pirate like Don who owns the shop and is a cheat, scoundrel and general small time hustler who isn’t that good at cards some days.

G. Valmont Thomas plays Don who gets into a mess twixt working with Bobby and his friend and co-conspirator, Teach. Neal Ghant is perfect as a Teacher. And how well named, as they each have lessons to learn as this one goes forward.

The buffalo in the title is derived from a numismatic referral to a rare old 5 cent coin displaying a buffalo on one side. The story is one that seems to unfold but goes nowhere. Each of the trio has his own motives and plans, and while they may pledge allegiance to one another, they find out that you can’t take that to the bank.

In short it is about a hustler who sells a rare coin for less than what he deems it may be worth, decides to try to steal it back, and you get to watch as they scheme and act. But do they find the gold at the end of the rainbow? That’s what it is all about.

Caveat: there is an abundance of expletives in the script, so Ms. Prim may not dig this one. She’d be sitting there thinking WTF? True Colors performs in the Southwest Arts Center on New Hope Road off of Cascade. Easy to get to and comfortable. For tickets and more info visit them online at