Theatrical Outfit
through October 10, 2021

In the mid 1800’s a French gent opined that the more things change the more they stay the same. And maybe he got that idea from reading Homer’s, The Iliad. For these days when we deal on a daily basis with natural enemies in nature and health issues and are also facing worldwide instances of wars among various groups; we might be seeing the world as Homer did.

With the production of this work by Lisa Peterson and Dennis O’Hare we go back in time, set in real time by the incredible solo performance of Lee Osorio who is center stage in a one act performance running and hour and 45 minutes. It blows your mind to consider how one actor can recall all those lines, when some of us have trouble recalling our phone numbers.

Directed by Matt Torney the show pulls the audience in as the modern poet infuses the story with his own feelings. While he is doing so, his muse (Deisha Oliver) is stringing along on her cello.

This is not one for the pre-teens, who will still be reading short synopses instead of the whole work for their next classroom test. But it surely makes us think how rockets in North Korea may be modern Trojan Horses, etc.

Theatrical Outfit is downtown on Luckie Street, with a parking garage adjacent to the facility. They follow strict Covid rules, so you show your vaccination card and have your temperature taken upon arrival; and are told to keep your mask on in the theatre. Regardless of all that stuff, it was great to see a pretty full house. More info and tickets found at