Art Station Theatre
through July 3, 2022

Once upon a time there was a woman in the Lone Star State who actually got elected Governor and served there form 1991 to 1995 when she lost her reelection bid to Dubya, who later went on to the White House. Not only was Dorothy Ann Richards a woman, she also was a Democrat; indeed unusual in Texas. Playwright Holland Taylor crafted this one-woman show to bring Ann back to life to all of us who did know of her, as well as those of us who never heard of her.

In this 2-act production we meet Clarinda Ross who, as Ann, is running her busy life from the Governor’s Mansion as she deals with family, friends, problems, politicians, and all the daily stuff we know of, plus a whole lot more. For most of us who have trouble remembering our postal zip code, it is impressive when one brilliant actor can recall an entire 2 hours of lines, without messing up a single one.

Directed by David Thomas, the show draws you in and moves effortlessly, with a bucket full of laughs along the way. Ann was one who told it like it was, and had no holds barred on her opinions. It is a show that also appeals to and empowers women, especially in these days of national insanity. Many of us always thought there must be something in the water down in Texas; but now we know it flows through all 50 states.

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