Atlanta Jewish Film Festival

Atlanta Jewish Film Festival
Various Venues
through February 26, 2019

Now in its 19th year the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival (AJFF) continues to soar to new heights. The dozens of highly regarded films will be shown in the coming weeks at easy to find theaters. The new City Springs in Sandy Springs, the Regal Cinemas at Atlanta Station, Perimeter Point and their Tara Cinema near Lindbergh and LaVista. They also will show some at the Rich Auditorium at Woodruff.

The AJFF started this years events with their Gala and their showing of the film, Shoelaces, at Cobb Energy Center. The Gala had hundreds of fans and supporters and was catered by more than 15 top class local restaurants. The array of supporting sponsors is incredible and we all salute Kenny Blank for growing the AJFF into such a national success.  It is such a huge success that one day the AJFF may be thought of as the American Jewish Film Festival.

Does one have to be Jewish to enjoy these films? No way, Jose. These are not The Goldbergs, and the issues deal with, and relate to, all of us. No matter what you believe in, or not, we all have families and know those who have dealt with issues. Some may be humorous and some disastrous, . . . but that’s life.

The screening of Shoelaces presented the story of a young man with special needs. He had recently lost his mother and wound up with the father who had abandoned him years prior. Their lives were quite different and their personalities so often collided. But as the story goes, the collision turns to collusion. The dad has a kidney problem and needs a transplant; but there is nobody ready to provide it. Except, the son when he learns of the father’s needs. And what we see is the realization of concealed basic emotions which rose to the occasion. The film won many awards and is performed in Hebrew with English sub-titles.

The point is that here is an unique chance to catch up on loads of world class films which inspire thoughtful feelings, be it about history or what is yet to come. They are shown at many times in the afternoons and evenings, and you can get full information and check schedules at