Ballets Trockadero

Ballets Trockadero
Ferst Center at Georgia Tech

Four decades ago a group of male dancers in New York started putting on some late night parody shows which quickly generated great acclaim. The company, Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo, has now played around the world to audiences who always love their work.

The cast of danseurs will come on in both male and female roles, and each is classically trained and has a deep appreciation for the works they perform. Some of them may appear both in drag and as males or some cartoon type. But, they inject their silliness into the routines, which gets the crowd laughing as they applaud.

You may be a newbie or a true balletomane, but it makes no diff. . . . if you were there you had one memorable evening. The music from Swan Lake, Esmeralda and Don Quixote is canned but is superb in and of itself, while the costuming is exactly what you’d expect were you at a formal ballet in a major city.

OK, . . so they take prat falls, but can also do triple jumps; and these gents can do so much work on toe that it will blow you away. We don’t see many danseurs work on toe, barefoot, doing swan-like arm swings, and being lifted. Usually the gents are the catchers. It was a really enjoyable evening with funny routines and also some very fine divertissements.

If you see them coming back to town, or find they are performing someplace where you may be visiting; treat yourself to a fun evening. I can assure you that anyone from age 2 to 92 will enjoy. There must be loads of clips about them at Youtube.

The Ferst Center is easy to get to at Georgia Tech campus, and it is NOT just for the students. The rest of the community is always welcome there. Next up at the venue is Red-Eye to Havre de Grace, brought to stage by Lucidity Suitcase Intercontinental with Wilhelm Brothers & Company. It is a new musical about the last days of Edgar Allan Poe. It will play April 14-16 and there is more info at