Out of Box Theatre
through August 25, 2018

This play by Jordan Pullian is a re-telling of the story of Hamlet, camped up with some comic book characters that may be distant cousins of Batman and Robin.

Something was rotten in the Kingdom of Gothic. The king is dead, a ghost walks the ramparts, and the widowed queen remarries quickly so that the food from the funeral doesn’t go to waste and can be used the next day. Pretty sound planning.

Chris Schulz plays the evil Jester, and you’ll get to meet Patrick S.Young as Hamlet, as well as Ham’s alter-ego. Bob Smith is the conniving Puffin and Jessie Kuipers is Ophelia. Horatio is Ali Olhausen and Queen Barbara is Savannah Jones. Parris Sarter plays Riddles, who is a sort of an evil Don Rickles to the hilt. Seven other players round out this large cast for such a small theater.

Directed by Founder and Artistic Director,Carolyn Choe, the production is really an exercise in insanity to the utmost degree. Act I may seem a bit long, but the show does keep one’s interest. Good costumes, great fight choreography and plenty of laughs. You’ll recall that famous line when Hamlet says Alas poor Todd, I knew him well.

Out of Box Theatre is at the Artisan Center on Cobb Parkway south of the Big Chicken. So it is easy to get to, and plenty of free parking. This is the kind of show that brings fans in from miles away; so know that they are selling out and if you snooze, you lose. More info and tickets at