Be Here Now

Be Here Now
Aurora Theatre
through October 21, 2018

Bari (Cynthia Barrett) is working in a fulfillment center, packing up stuff for people who think they need more “stuff”. She is very nihilistic and for a while had taught others what she thought to be true values or non-values. She works alongside Patty (Joselin Reyes) and Luanne (Falashay Pearson) who think she is denying herself the chances to find joy in her life.

They are in a small town where almost everybody is related to everyone else in the town. But, there might be a chance for her with the brother of one of the other ladies. He’s moved up from the city and runs a very unusual life in which he turns other’s trash into assets for third parties. That’s Mike (Travis Smith) and, like Bari, he is a loner and not looking for love in lost places.

Bari has some psycho-medical issues which come into play, and the play is about how mere humans may work through impossible times, to probably conclusions. This is a work by local playwright Deborah Zoe Laufer, who certainly can merge comedy with pathos, and is directed on the main stage by Rachel Parish. And, of course the sets, by the sisters Curley-Clay is quite a great job.

In a time when the world is going crazy, and we may all wonder what life may be like a hundred years from now; or maybe next month; it’s a production that pulls you in from the start. The show is about one hour and forty minutes with no intermission. More info at their website: