Becoming Dr. Ruth








Becoming Dr. Ruth
Stage Door Theatre
through August 29, 2021

Veteran actor Eileen Koteles, claims the stage at the Stage Door Theatre, as the multi-talented Dr. Ruth, known for her broadcast sex disputations. You meet her as she is packing up her NYC apartment to relocate and in doing so she goes through many of her memories; both good and bad.

For Karola Siegel was born to Jewish parents in Germany as the Nazis came to power, and lives changed for millions during the days of the Holocaust. She was sent off to Switzerland as a youngster to allegedly enjoy the safety and life style, but things don’t always come out as hoped for. Reminds one of how the preacher told his flock blessed should be those who expected nothing for they shall not be disappointed.

This incredible woman followed many paths always reinventing herself on her journey to become a doctor; albeit hers wound up as a Ph.D. The show is one of great poignancy for those who may have been around in those days. It certainly isn’t for children, but is a wonderfully done one-woman show, under the direction of George Fox, and gives everybody in the house something to think about and reflect on their own journeys.

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