Best of Broadway

Best of Broadway
Lyric Theater
through June 13, 2021

WOW! What an incredible amount of work by this local professional theatre company for only 4 nights. Sure hope they may find a way to extend the shows, as they are already SRO for each performance due to observing social distancing guidelines, which brings the house down to fewer than 150 happy patrons for each show.

The show is full tilt with a live band onstage, a cast of more than 24 players who sing and dance their ways into your hearts. They even bring to the stage a group of young dancers who thoroughly delight the crowd.

There is no story line, as this is done as a review featuring 22 memorable numbers from many of the great Broadway shows of more than 60 years. Directed by May Nye Bennett who actually takes to the stage in this one, the show is brilliantly choreographed by Tecia Chavez, Lauren Brooke Tatum and Kari Twyman. Spoiler: you will feel like singing along, but be mindful of your neighbors.

As of now there are fewer than a dozen seats left, but check in at their website for more info at

How great to see live folks on stage and under a roof. Maybe things are really getting better…..