Boys in the Buff

Boys in the Buff
OutFront Theatre
through August 21, 2022

This raucous presentation is a North American Premiere of a musical based on a burlesque quintet, Diana and her Boys, as they work the house as if you were sitting in a real strip joint. The songs even play the game as if they were a single entendre, with numbers like Let it All Hang Out, and Size Doesn’t Matter.

Directed by Paul Conroy you meet Diana (Hannah Marie Craton) and her quartet who are Jared Lance Huston, T.J.Ruth, Ty Autry, and Cookie. If you’re old enough that you had been to some of those joints, then this one will ring a bell. Mind you that it is not for the narrow minded nor the kiddies. While this theatre company plays to the LGBTQ community, it welcomes and entertains everybody, meaning all people.

One thing you need to know is that out of respect to the privacy of performers as well as guests, not only no photography nor recordings are allowed but if you have your phone with you, you need to leave it with their security folk and collect when leaving.

This is an energetic and highly entertaining production and you can get more info and tickets at