Bright Half Life

Bright Half Life
Theatrical Outfit
through February 27, 2022

Tanya Barfield’s opus stars Park Krausen and Candy McLellan as two women working through a life together in heart and soul. Directed by Melissa Foulger, the actors move through time but not always on a set time line through 40 years together.

After all, any of us who have been with a life partner for many years, know how one day may have a load of stress while the next may be a day or joy; and nobody and no thing is always right all the time.

The show runs a little less than 2 hours, and there is no intermission. Theatre is downtown on Luckie Street, park in the garage just north of it and they have discount parking passes available. Good views from all seats and comfy. Take your CDC card and masks with you so you can behalf like a responsible adult. And speaking of adults, this really isn’t one for the kiddies. They’d get lost in it.

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