Built to Float






Built to Float
Essential Theatre
through August 26, 2018

Rachel Graf Evans’ play, Built to Float, is being staged by the Essential Theatre at the West End Performing Arts Center on Ralph David Abernathy Blvd. Essential Theatre has a long history of bringing new works, often by new playwrights, to their stage. This one is directed by Artistic Director, Peter Hardy.

We meet Tess (Rachel Wansker) who works as a phlebotomist; as her mother Suzanne Roush) keeps bugging her to become a physician. That is not likely to happen as Tess is not only working full time but caring for her mother. She is often in a sink or swim scenario.

Her sister, Roz (Heather Schroeder) shows up. She’s a free spirit and recently out of rehab. Roz sees things quite differently, and the sisters don’t exactly agree on many points of interest. Then a stranger, William (Alex Van) comes into their lives and he has a work offer for Tess, that may be a great deal or a disaster. And the story line is about how Tess is one who has to save herself and works through things to determine that she was built to float, not to sink. It is a good job, dealing with a tough subject.

The theatre is south of I-20 and if you are coming from north of midtown you need to plan and extra 30-45 minutes; as every major artery in Metro Atlanta seems to be under repair, or dealing with accidents.

The actors do a good job with a story that might be difficult for some folks. And it is not for the kiddies. More info at EssentialTheatre.com