Bullets Over Broadway

Bullets Over Broadway
Georgia Ensemble Theatre
through April 28, 2019

Woody Allen wrote this musical adaptation of the film that he co-scripted some years back. James Donadio directs this cast of more than twenty players, who can sing and dance their way through almost anything.

Come back to the Big Apple in the days of the great depression and where a producer wants to get his work on the stage but hasn’t got the money. A gangster capo, Nick Valenti (Byron Hays) has the dough, but he wants some gal, Olive (Maggie Birgel), to get on the stage in a leading role, and he assigns his man, Cheech (Hayden Rowe) to handle things. Those were the days when you didn’t get in the face of some folks if you wished to stay breathing.

One BIG problem is that the older woman, Helen Sinclair (Rachel Sorsa), is the real diva and the type who understands that you are the star when your name goes above the title.

With a live band upstage they work their way through plenty of standards from days gone past, but tunes you’ll easily recall if you remember Cole Porter and them days. The production is totally Broadway quality and you need to know that there are no restrictions as to single entendres or expletives. So Ms. Prim and the kiddies may not dig it. But you can advise them that Tain’t Nobody’s Biz-ness If you do.

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