Calendar Girls

Calendar Girls
Act3 Playhouse
through February 23, 2020

This is a pure delight to everybody in the house. If you like theater and/or films you know the story about a bunch of adult women from Yorkshire who decide to raise some money to help a local cancer hospital. So, instead of baking cupcakes or crocheting table decorations, they decide to go starkers on a calendar. It may have been a bit shocking to some, but it went viral and the gals who hoped to raise maybe 600 quid, raised over £500,000

As you may know they don’t push frontal nudity. The ladies are posed behind fruit bowls, or pies, or other props which delicately conceal certain very private parts of their anatomy while exposing all the rest to supply plenty of eye candy to those who buy their calendars.

The show is a laughter fest, and something we all can enjoy. Directed by Gabby Kellogg, there is a cast of 14 terrific players. The character’s names aren’t a big issue with the possible exception of Lady Cravenshire (Peyton White), the Ms. Prim of the town. We meet the ladies at their meeting of the local Womens’ Institute. The husband of one of them is terminally ill, and they want to do something in his memory and for others.

Mary Claire Klooster, Ginny Slifcak, Avani Lesane, Gloria Szokoly, Carlye McLaughlin, Rebekah Williams, Nancy Jensen, Bernice Grussing and Elizabeth Clements are the other Yorkshire ladies. The gents include Paul Spadafora, James Connor, Patrick Croce and Jason Pure. The guys may keep their clothes on, but they are a real part of the story. For these gals need the photographer, to take the shots once their clothes are off and the light screens are in place.

It is kind of like that little whore house in Texas. There is really nothing dirty going on. No proper lady need be offended, as this deals with womens’ rights. No old geezer is going to get too excited thinking that he’s about to see a stripper waving her boa. What it is, is a very good production of a very wonderful and true story, which provides tons of laughs, and presented with grand enthusiasm by this small local theatre company.

Act3 is very easy to get to just behind Trader Joe’s in Sandy Springs. Free parking, easy view from all seats and a really good deal for all. More info at