Christmas Canteen

Christmas Canteen
Aurora Theatre
through December 23, 2021

Let’s jump to the bottom line . . . . go online or on the phone and get your tickets ASAP; for this is a world class production as good as anything you might see in NYC or London.

They hit the stage in the new theatre at the Lawrenceville Arts Center with such high energy that you can’t lose a minute of it. With a great cast of a dozen players who sing, dance and work their way through more than 3 dozen oldie numbers, you will be thrilled. The six gals are Amy Duffy, Mona Swain, India Tyree, Brie Wolfe, Kymberli Green, and Isa Martinez and they work so well with the six guys, Joe Arnotti, Peyton McDaniel, Juan Carlos Unzueta, Cecil Washington, Jr, Cole Ferguson and Cameron Smith.

We salute them all, especially David Rossetti who choreographed the spectacle and directs it, along with associate Candy McLellan. And they also have the wonderful 4 band members onstage with Brian Smith on guitar, Fuji Fujimoto on bass, and Mark Biering on the drums; all working to perfection with Ann-Carol Pence directing and on the keys.

There is no plot, per se, and the show is basically done cabaret style, with the players working the audience from time to time. If you loved the Tony winning musicals of the past years, and respect the USO performers who brought holiday cheer to our military families, then you will really love this one.

Okay. Enough said. Call them at 678-226-6222 or go online to them at Cheers!