Christmas Canteen

Christmas Canteen 2022
Aurora Theatre
through December 23, 2022



Ho, Ho, Ho, . . . the Christmas Canteen is back in town. The seasonal delight is directed by Katie Erin Chambers featuring Russell Alexander II, Galen Crawley, Cole Ferguson, James Allen McCune, Isa Martnez, Kari Twyman (also as choreographer), Juan Carlos Unzueta and Jalise Wilson.

With the live band on stage under the direction of Ann-Carol Pence on the keyboard, the gang sings and dances heir way through many numbers. Some relate to fairy tales and some to just living a daily life. The point being that it is an evening of lovely entertaining songs and dance, and plenty of costume changes, albeit you won’t see reindeer landing on the roof, nor the kiddies in a snow ball fight.

It’s just clean, fun, faminly seasonal entertainment in Lawrenceville. Great venue. More info and tickets always showing up st,