Fox Theatre
through April 7, 2019

Cinderella doesn’t seem to have aged much since her first year on stage 62 years ago. With music by Rodgers and Hammerstein, the story is pretty much the same, but has been updated a wee bit; and somehow dealing with that nasty Sebastian (Christopher Swan) seems like watching the evening news.

Prince Topher (Lukas James Miller) is in line to the throne but has no idea what is happening to the average folks in his land. But, unlike some others, when he finds out he steps up the plate and wants to make things work for the average guy as well as the elite class.

And the story is about how that wonderful fairy can not only turn a pumpkin into a golden coach, but turn a peasant girl into a princess with such great ease. You know the story, how the transfigurations end at midnight and how the prince falls for her and goes nuts trying to find her, and how everything works out wonderfully in the end. But, it is a fairy tale, is it not?

The sets, costumes, choreography and music are all really great and the kiddies from 6 to 66 all enjoyed the show greatly. If you are bringing tots, there are booster seats available at the theatre. But, don’t snooze. The show closes tomorrow. But, seats are still available online at walk-up at the box office. More info at