Aurora Theatre
through April 3, 2022

This is not the film, but is the Rogers & Hammerstein musical about that poor young girl who winds up the object of attraction for the local prince. The show is staged in the incredible new theatre in Lawrenceville, which is easy to get to and park at.

This slightly camped up version is both choreographed and directed by Ricardo Aponte, with Ann-Carol Pence on the keys and also directing the live orchestra. A cast of about 20 players do a superb job. India Tyree hits the boards as Ella, a/k/a Cinderella; while Prince Topher is played by Jackson Hurt. The other lead players are Steve Hudson as Sebastian, Galen Crawley as Charlotte, Rhyn McLemore as Marie, Marcello Audino as Jean-Michel, Candy McLellan as Gabrielle and Cole Ferguson as Lord Pinkleton.

You recall that Cinderella is a step-child who’s step-mom deems her worthy of little respect in any aspect of her life. The prince is going to have a ball and Cinderella manages to get worked into it, with those fancy glass shoes. And you know she has to split by midnight if she wants to get home in the charriot, etc. This one works out as the Prince gets pushed to run a banquet and somehow that delightful girl shows up again, only to split by 12.

The company works through more than two dozen numbers and everyone in the house truly enjoys every minute of this one. Please be considerate vis-a-vis all the Covid stuff. If you are tested positive or don’t want to abide by the usual protocols then maybe just watch some politicians with their lips moving on TV. Otherwise, if you want a lovely evening out this is a really good choice. So now’s the time to go online and get more info and tickets at their website,

My family is isolated these days, but were we not, we’d be heading back there for this show. Enjoy!