Atlanta Contemporary
June 23, 2018 only

Step into the world of film with Cinebash, a first-ever film party that celebrates cinema through multimedia art forms. The celebration blends immersive experiences with food, music, and other production elements for an unforgettable evening. Cinebash extends beyond traditional screenings, opening film culture to a broader community.

The inaugural event will pay tribute to Saul Bass, Jewish-American graphic designer and Academy Award-winning filmmaker best known for his motion picture title sequences and promotional posters for films such as Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo and Psycho, The Shining, West Side Story, and more. Other highlights include delicious bites from popular restaurants curated by Taste of Atlanta, signature themed drinks, and custom swag bags.

Atlanta Contemporary is located intown at 535 Means Street, easy to get to. Tickets to this smashing great bash are only $35 and you can get more info at and click on events then cinebash; or go directly to the site for the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival, click on programs then cinebash