Cinnamon GRITS

Cinnamon Grits
Art Station Theatre
through December 19, 2021

So good to see the Art Station Theatre playing once more and to almost sold-out houses. With all the Covid stuff going on you may be one of those folks who understands that GRITS (full caps) stands for Georgia Registry of Immunization Transactions and Services. But this is quite different as these GRITS are an acronym for Girls Raised In The South; and it is a cabaret style show being brought back as a splendid encore of the show with the same cast and crew who did it 2 years ago.

Four women come together and share their experiences and thoughts about the Yuletide in a set with a Christmas tree, plenty of gifts and more. Karen Beyer is directing with Aretta Baumgartner, Liza Jaine, Allison Upshaw and Joy Williams belting out about 20 seasonal numbers, some of which are parodies. They are backed up by Patrick Hutchison on the keys and they provide a delightful couple of hours with no commercials or news updates.

But, be aware that the theatre observes all appropriate Covid protocols, so bring your CDC card, photo ID and mask with you, and know that masks must be on at all times in the facility. The show is all about getting folks to feel good and let their feelings pour out to others. You will enjoy it. More info and tickets at