Cinnamon GRITS

Cinnamon GRITS
Christmas in The South
Art Station Theatre
through December 20, 2019

To start with, GRITS is the acronym for Girls Raised In The South, and this is a sequel to other GRITS productions. In this work we meet up with four ladies at the Yuletide. The tree is decorated, the boxes are wrapped, and many memories come into focus which they share musically with the audience.

Karen Beyer must really have enjoyed directing this one, featuring Aretta Baumgartner, Liza Jaine, Allison Upshaw and Joy Walters. Each of them sing along with one another, swap stories, work the house, and delve deeply into the essence of the holidays and families, and what is, or should be, most important.

Patrick Hutchison, and Woody and Tom Jenkins do the music, in this sweet little show crafted by Erica Allen McGee. She knows of what she writes as she actually once worked at Dollywood.

The show is done pretty much cabaret style and is certainly one that pleases the AARP crowd; for there may be some parody in some numbers, but no political discussion and nobody gets killed. This is one that any of the senior living centers would truly enjoy if they just grabbed up a group of tickets and hit the road to Stone Mountain Village.

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