Coming Apart

Coming Apart
Center Stage North
through February 25, 2017

Colin Kittridge (Brad Rudy) is a humor columnist whose wife, Fran (Ginny Teeter Slifcak) is a writer of romance novels.  Colin’s success has taken a while to come to fruition and that is when his agent, Sylvia (Cheryl Baer) gets him syndicated to more than 100 dailies.  Then he really knows how wonderful he is.

And it was Sylvia who got Fran hooked up with her first publisher and she had gone on from that to start a series, to hopefully become another Janet Evanovich type.  Sylvia is the pivot point in the story, as Fran and Colin first ran into one another, literally, at Sylvia’s office.

As we watch the story unfold, Fran and Colin tell one another they want a divorce.  Do they?  Maybe there are some reasons why they say that, to see what the reaction of their spouse may be.   And, as they seem to be getting ready to part, Colin’s buddy, Bert (Jerry Jobe), gets into a relationship with Sylvia.   So we find two couples where every one of the four people has some hidden agendum.  But, nobody gets hurt, there are plenty of laughs and all comes right in the end.

Prodigious playwright Fred Carmichael had put this one together some years back, but it is still relevant. Calvin Wickham directed the show, which is an easy one to watch and fun to get into.  Look on the bright side.  No politicians nor pundits, nobody gets killed, they have nice coffee and cookies in the lobby and the parking is easy and free.  It don’t git much better than that some days.

You’ll enjoy it as you start to determine who is doing what and why.  But, . . . you’re wrong.   And I am unanimous in that.  More info and tickets at