Crossing Delancey

Crossing Delancey
Lionheart Theatre
through February 25, 2018

If you knew New York, then you know the lower East Side and Delancey Street, which is a main thoroughfare in this old Jewish area, full of delicatessens, clothing stores and so much more.

The play, by Susan Sandler originally played in NYC, of course, and got generally favorable reviews, even in the NY Times. If you are old enough to recall the TV series, The Goldbergs, when it aired in black and white in the late 40’s and 50’s, then you’ll absolutely adore this production.

Kit Vaupel is Isabel (a/k/a Izzy), a woman who works uptown in a book shop. She comes back to the lower East Side every week to see her grandmother, who is referred to in the Yiddish word, Bubbie. Marla Krohn is the Bubbie and she is a hoot as she tries to get life in order for Izzy, even though her friend Hannah is such a yenta/matchmaker type. Shelly Barnett is also great as Hannah, who needs to know everything, even though she already does know what anybody should do.

Izzy enjoys seeing a local author, Tyler (Adam Vann) who stops by the store quite often. They may have eyes for one another, but nothing has come of it when we first meet them. So what’s a Bubbie to do? Can’t have Izzy become a spinster. So why not get her hooked up with Sam, the pickle man? He makes good pickles and could make a good hubby. David Allen Grindstaff plays Sam, who is not as sure of himself as Tyler may be; but he does listen to good advice. And the action ensues.

Directed by Raleigh Wade, on a set put together with Amy Szymanski and Tanya Caldwell, this is a truly pleasant experience. And you don’t need to be Jewish to understand what is going on. After all, don’t we all have families? Maybe the Goldbergs, or Archie Bunker, or others?

A really good production and a pleasant couple of hours, where you hear no politicians, and nobody gets killed. Not only that, but easy to get to off Norcross Square, free parking and delicious desserts served up at intermission. What could be better? More info at