Darlin’ Cory

Darlin’ Cory
Alliance Theatre
through October 3, 2021

What a delight to see the Alliance back in full swing! And with this premiere production in such epic style.  This eerie tale was created by Phillip Depoy and Kristian Bush who collaborated to tell the story of a small mountain town in Appalachia that was deeply infused with the idea of maintaining the status quo ante of the town. They didn’t even have a road in or out of the town back in the 1920s.

If you know some of the small towns in north Georgia or nearby Tennessee or Kentucky, then you’ll know this one. And the music is put forward in appropriate style as bluegrass would always be. Two things occur that create a stir in the town. One is the tragic shooting of a young woman in the hills. And the other is the arrival of a stranger, who makes some really great moonshine. For in the days when alcohol was banned, the making of shine was a standard in these here parts. But, if y’all don’t think they still be making shine, then I got a toll booth I would like to sell you.

The cast is a dozen actors who have played in many shows here. Jeremy Aggers, Jimez Alexander, Marcello Audino, John Bobek, Jewl Carney, Katie Deal, Kelli Dodd, Rob Lawhon, Rhyn McLemore, Gillian Rabin, Maria Rodriguez-Sager and Asia Rogers sing and dance their ways into your hearts and minds; all under the direction of Susan V. Booth.

Once you get into Act II and start to fathom out the secrets of identities and activities, you’ll try to keep the secrets from those who’ve not yet seen the production. For the play’s the thing and it don’t get much better than this one. We all salute you, Alliance!

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