Death by Design

Death by Design
Stage Door Players
through February 19, 2017

Come along to the Bennett’s home in the village of Cookham, along the Thames.  The couple who own the place seem to have some relationship stresses.  Sorel Bennett (Kelly Chris) is an actress who just KNOWS she should be getting more acclaim.  Hubby, Edward (Kevin Stillwell), has just shown up at the wrong time; for Sorel had invited a politician, Walter (Daniel Burns), to spend some time with her in the country.

The maid, Bridgit (Joanna Daniel), isn’t quite into aiding and abetting some tryst.  She’s pretty put off inasmuch as it’s hard to entertain and do dinner when there’s nothing but some greens in the pantry.   And the man-servant, Jack (Chase Steven Anderson) has his own agendum.  Everybody has something they’d rather not share.  C’est la vie.

Then things start to get a bit more difficult inasmuch as Walter seems to be of a mind similar to a current president of these States, via-a-vis support for the arts.  That doesn’t play well within the play with those of a different political view.  When Victoria (Bryn Striepe) shows up she fuels the fire even more as she is as egocentric as any performer could be.  Sarah Halicks and Pat Young round out the cast of eight players, and each and every one does a truly fine job.

Like one of Agatha’s tales, the politician seemingly gets whacked; and in Act II they must figure out who the culprit is.  That’s not easy since everyone there would gladly have done the deed and taken full credit for doing so.

Playwright/actress Suehyla El-Attar directed this comedic farce, which is soooo much like Molière and Agatha joining forces.   Considering the very recent moves by somebody to drastically reduce support for the arts, it seemed no wonder that the theatre would have chosen this play.  But, it was selected a year ago and I guess it was an act of dramatic prescience.   More info and tickets at