Designing Women

Designing Women
2020 The Big Split
Horizon Theatre

This riotous romp by Linda Bloodworth Thomason is enjoying an open run, that could go for quite a few more weeks. You may remember the Sugarbakers from the TV series. They’re back, but things are different as the 2020 election is underway and the world is going crazy; albeit not quite as crazy as it may seem today.

Heidi McKerley directs this opus which brings together Katherine LaNasa as Julia Sugarbaker and Beth Beyer as Suzanne Sugarbaker. Of course, like our own families, being related doesn’t always mean being in agreement. Joanna Daniels plays Mary Jo, Lane Carlock is Charlene, Tiffany Porter is Cleo, and Eve Krueger is Haley. In addition to the six women, you also find Luis Hernandez and Robin Bloodworth as the two guys with their own agendas.

The show runs in two acts each of which is about one hour. And guess what becomes the big issue. It is an election which may not satisfy all voters when the votes start to be counted, and there is one egocentric character running who could piss off a saint.

Lisa Adler brought this one to the stage on a really cool set designed by Isabel and Moriah Curley-Clay. If you think that you just can’t stand listening to the politicians any more; then this is a bit of grand comic relief, even if you might have gone red.

A very active and well done production and you can get more info and tickets at