Desire Under the Elms

Desire Under the Elms
Actor’s Express
through August 28, 2022

It was 1924 when O’neill brought this opus to the stage in Provincetown. The story is one that seems to have been adapted from some old Greek Tragedies. Set in a farm, where the action takes place between father and son, father and step-mother, and the step-mother and son; it runs the gamut of human emotions, desires and behavior. The hard to deal with widowed father is played to the hilt by Tim McDonough, and this family of yokels is directed by Freddie Ashley.

You are pulled deeply into the aggravations that come to center stage complete with all the physical contacts and screaming. And, regrettably the kind of behavior where some relatives plan their best to make sure they can be heir to the assets of a family member; may ring a bell in the mind of many.

This is a very energetic performance and is considered an American Cl;assic. More info and tickets at