OnStage Atlanta
Closed due to Covid 19

This one is not Cats; but is a musical comedy about a guy who builds a floating casino and disco club to be moored at a pier in Manhattan. It’s the late 1970’s when the guys were wearing bell bottoms and music rocked. Joshua Williams plays Tony, a street-wise honcho. He has two problem visitors onboard. Marianne (Courtney Loner) who is a reporter looking into various probable problems onboard the casino; and a professor who styles himself as a disaster expert, played by Bryan Slayton.

It’s the opening night for the floating casino and the characters gather to gamble and dance, unaware of impending natural disasters, and the ship’s lack of safety measures compounds these catastrophes. The professor, Ted, alleges the casino’s structure was built on a fault line, which causes earthquakes and more natural disasters.

For a small company this is very large and energetic show with a cast of 17 plus a live band of 5. Characters are dancing, screaming, running, singing and trying to figure out what lies ahead for them as they encounter problems from the fault line on which they are partying. A young waiter, Chad (Shane Murphy) exudes energy like a tornado as he runs through songs, steps and relationships. He was once engaged to Marianne.

A couple of oddballs draw you in as Sister Mary (Hannah Marie Craton) a nun who has to figure out if she should save some quarters for orphans, or try the slots for a bigger bag of alms for them; and a singer, Levora Verona (Summer Bergeron), who shows up hoping she can hit the stage on the ship and launch her career recovery.

You probably know Shirley & Maury (Lisa Gordon & Ken McMillian). They probably live next door to you and have been a couple since the start of time. The show is directed by Barry West with music under the baton of Paul Tate. And all the fast paced moves were choreographed by Misty Barber Tice.

They work through loads of oldie numbers, in whole and sometimes just parts. You won’t recall most numbers, but know the beat. A few like I am Woman and I Will Survive are two you’ll still hear these days. So pack up your hand sanitizer and paper napkins and head off to OnStage for a delightful evening. Free parking, lots of goodies, easy seating and they are working overtime to keep the house clean and germ free. It’s a lot safer than heading to your local cinema. More info at OnStageAtlanta.com