Don Giovanni

Don Giovanni
Atlanta Opera
through January 29, 2023

Mozart was a composer who often drew upon his own personal identity, and
perhaps he did so in this opus which first played in Prague in 1787. Like
many shows it has been adapted a little many times, and for instance this is set
in America in the 1950s. Not sure if they are supposed to be Mafia or just
local goombas. But you will keep seeing the good guys vs. bad guys in the
streets and local bistro.

Directed by Kristine McIntyre, with the orchestra under the baton of Jan
Latham-Koenig the eight principal players get into one possibly improper
behavior after another. But, they are humans, and we all can err as we go
through our lives.

The opera runs about 3.5 hours including the 25 minute intermission. But,
fear not as Cobb Enerrgy Performing Arts Center is easy to get to, has a
reasobly priced garage, and comfortable seating.

Don Giovanni may not be the one to use to introduce the kiddies to Grand
Opera, but it is a typically fine production by our Atlanta Opera. More info
and tickets at