True Colors Theatre
through August 12, 2018

Kenny Leon is back in town to direct DOT, a new play by Colman Domingo. This is another play which deals with aging in place, dysfunction, every day stress, and other social issues. This is not one for the kiddies, nor Ms. Prim, as there are expletives aplenty, some homosexual issues, race issues, and a mother, Dotty (Denise Burse-Fernandez) who is dealing with alzheimer issues big-time.

Dotty’s three offspring gather round her for a Christmas celebration. She has a man-servant on hand, Fidel (Benedetto Robinson) who deals with her, as well as the family, as best he can. Dotty’s son, Donnie (Gilbert Glenn Brown) has a inter-racial relationship with Adam (Lee Osorio), and it can get pretty graphic.

The other three ladies are played by Tinashe Kajase-Bolden, Amber Harris and Rhyn Saver. Almost all of this cast are Equity performers and Kenny Leon directs them on a fantastic set designed by Moria and Isabel Curley-Clay.

This is a strong story of dealing with a parent with dementia, who even thinks her daughter is her cleaning lady. And, while there are laughs aplenty in the way the story evolves, it may remind one of some relatives of their own.

The theatre is located at the Southwest Arts Center which is on Hope Church Road, easy to get to from Cascade Road exit off of I-285 west. That is easy, provided you allow an extra 30-45 minutes if you live north of downtown, as the traffic here is getting to be a nightmare. But, assuming you get there, every seat has a good view, parking is free, there is a gallery display and concession goodies. More info at