Alliance Theatre
through February 13, 2022

This very unusual show is being co-produced in association with Long Wharf Theatre in New Haven, and Baltimore Center Stage. Directed here by Laurie Woolery, the show by Eliana Pipes deals with a couple of Latinas who want to sell off the family home in a neighborhood that is going upscale; and may be not just as they recall it when growing up.

They hook up with a woman who runs a TV show like so many you know of, where they come in, fix up the place, list it and sell it. Julia (Darilyn Castillo) and Patricia (Jacqueline Correa) are the sisters, and they have their differences as most siblings do in our world. Marianna McClellan is the TV host who call the shots, and life doesn’t seem to work out just as one might have first thought. Especially when the renovation work starts to expose things from days and years past.

Stephanie Osin Cohen created a set that will blow you away. It is everything it is cracked up to be for a fine home worth 7 figures. The show moves along quite well with 4 ensemble members who come and go as production crew for the TV show.

Presented on the Hertz Stage, this is an easy venue with good views from every seat. Just know they will need to see you wearing your mask and have your CDC card with you. It is wonderful to see so many patrons really enjoying a show and staying safe for everybody at the same time.

For more info and tickets go to AllianceTheatre.org