Evil Dead

Evil Dead – Musical
Out of Box Theatre
through October 30, 2016

This camped up musical based on the old film version, hit the stage in Canada and started going around the world, in the style of Rocky Horror Picture Show.

This is one of the most prodigious productions at this small local theatre in Marietta. Under the direction of Zip Rampy, a cast of nine players pull off the story of 5 college students who head off into the woods to a vacant cabin for a holiday; and where all hell literally breaks loose.

Jack Allison plays Ash, the group leader, and he has to deal with the macho-man, Scott (Jim Dailey) who has a one-track mind relating to his girlfriend. MK Penley, Kristin Storla and Lisa Hatt are the female leads, and they can be pretty gruesome. Trevor Perry is a riot as a local, Jake, who gets involved although he would have preferred not to; and Daniel Pino is a ghostly type who gets killed except he just doesn’t get too into it.

There are some really cool scenes where people may lose their heads, or a hand, and the lyrics can be enough to make Ms. Prim lose her cool. So know that there is an abundance of expletives, and this probably is not for the wimps, prudes, or kiddies. But, with All Hallowed’s Eve soon upon us, it is a fine preparation for the trick part of the usual demand when the doorbell rings. Just hope the callers are not necronomicons.

Out of Box is located on Cobb Parkway near the Big Chicken. Lots more info and tickets at OutOfBoxTheatre.com