Freed Spirits

Freed Spirits
Horizon Theatre
through October 30, 2016

Halloween is soon upon us, and quite a few venues are offering up some scary stuff; but this one is quite a bit different. The play by Daryl Lisa Fazio is set in Atlanta at the Oakland Cemetery; and while I don’t like to give away plot twists, just know that these actors are not in stage just to scare you.

We meet up with Susan Dickey (Suehyla El-Attar) who you may know as a winning playwright, but here she’s on the boards, or the grass, as somebody who’s digging into the facts and history of the Cemetery, especially after the tornados struck it in 2008.

The Cemetery is the oldest around here, founded in 1850 before the War Between the States, and it was originally on 6 acres but grew over the years to the current 48 acres it spans these days. Dickey meets up with a strange gal, M.J.(Bryn Striepe) who is also into the history of the Cemetery as well anybody she happens to meet up with. We don’t really get her situation at the outset. Dr. Finch (Marguerite Hannah) is working her way around restoring some damage, and she’s disinclined to get into a lot of the tings of interest to others. But, there is one guy snooping around, the photographer, Byron (Jonathan Horne) who’s kind of interested to find out if there are supernaturals visiting, and if so, who they may be.

The show is staged on a magnificent set by Moriah and Isabel Curley-Clay, and directed by Lisa Adler. I assure you that as the show moves into Act II, you will not quite know what the plots in the plot produce.

It’s not your usual trick or treat show, and is very well done. More info at their website,