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Fun Home
Actor’s Express
through February 16, 2020

Freddie Ashley has had a “thing” for this one since it hit the boards 6 years ago. And when it got to Broadway it won 5 Tony’s; for Best Musical, Best Original Score, Best Book for a Musical and also got Best Leading Actor and Best Director.  And, Actor’s Express has brought together a wonderful cast to present this one here.

The background of the story line is about a young girl named Alison, who grows up to be a lesbian; and what she goes through in her home, school, and how things develop with her family. The cast of more than a dozen players is superb, and they have a live band of 6 musicians off-stage, who work them through 14 numbers from the original production which actually had more than that.   But, the show is presented without intermission.

You will see three Alisons, as life moves on.  Young Alison is Eden Mew, a developing age Alison is Marcia Cunning and grown-up Alison is Rhys McLemore Saver.  Her father is played to the hilt by Jeff McKerley, who has his own secrets. When you watch this one with the full company onstage with the young players belting out the tunes as they never miss a step in time, you will relish the pleasure they put forward. It does remind me of why some actors never want to share a stage with kids or pets. Any of these could be Annie one day.

The show is VERY well done, good music, dance, acting, set, and easy to get to. It may deal with some social issues, but you also know that we all have families and there is nothing that could come into issue that we’ve not heard of, or dealt with, in our lives.  C’est la vie.

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