Fun Home

Fun Home
Out of Box Theatre
through February 23, 2019

There haven’t been very many musical comedies about life in the funeral home industry. But, Lisa Kron and Jeanie Tesori adapted a novel by Alison Bechdel to create a Fun Home. If we can try to put the FUN back in dysFUNctional, why not in FUNeral Home?

The story is about a writer who has recently lost her father and who is bringing up images of many of the weird moments in her earlier years. Emily Kalat plays the writer and Stephen DeVillers is her father. And what is intriguing about the production is that you meet up with Small Alison (Celia Reed) who is about 10 years old, and Medium Alison (Ashley Prince) who has now started college, as events move through the years. Small Alison has two brothers, John (MicahParness) and Christian (Alex Huff) who really join is as the three of them bring down the house with their ad they are working on, “Come to the Fun Home”

The story is about moving through life and sexual development and attractions. Things may not always be what they think. Inasmuch as the show does deal with some homosexual experimental encounters, it may not be for the youngsters nor Ms. Prim.

But with some great Tony Award winning score, this cast of nine players work through 16 captivating numbers in one act about 90 minutes long. The time changes are easy to relate to, each of the characters is very well played, and this is a very entertaining show at an easy to get to location with free parking.

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