Ghost, the Musical

Ghost, the Musical
Georgia Ensemble Theatre
through October 2, 2016

I guess with all the early pre-Hallowe’en stuff around town, I guessed this all wrong before attending the show. It isn’t about tricks and treats. It’s about stiffs and cheats.

Sam (Chase Peacock) is a banker who has some second thoughts about some serious discrepancies he has found at work. He’s on his way home to a new flat in Brooklyn where he and his girl friend Molly (Kylie Brown) are going to live. But as he gets almost there he gets offed by some thug who steals his wallet.

And the story starts to get more involved, with their “friend” Carl, who may have an interest in Molly and in some info that Sam related to him. Sam may be dead, but his spirit refuses to take leave of Molly and he manages to get the help of a psychic, Oda Mae (Kandice Arrington), to get a warning to Molly that her life may be endangered. Oda Mae and her staff are poster-girl psychics with the moves and costumes.

And as the story progresses Sam and Oda Mae dive into an Enron roll where they have to move a large chuck of cash from a bank. Can’t tell you how or where it goes. That’s what a play is about.

Under the direction on Robert Farley, the cast of a dozen players pulls this one off with great aplomb, and with a live band under direction of Bethany Irby who is also on the keyboard. It isn’t a score you will recall much of, but the evening is a very pleasant one, and one where there are no politicians yakking away.

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