Greetings Friend, Your Kind Assistance is Required

Greetings Friend
Your Kind Assistance is Required
Georgia Ensemble Theatre
through January 22, 2017

This is a premiere of a new work by Topher Payne, commissioned by Georgia Ensemble Theatre; and it is totally different than anything you might have expected, especially if you are familiar with much of Topher’s works.

Welcome to Zardelgnia, a sinkhole of a country east of the Urals.  The Prince Paljor (Skye Passmore) is being held captive, sort of like a princess in a tower, by the egotistic General Mahzuno (Cristian Gonzales).  Some of the local folk would like to get the Prince back, and one of them manages to get him a laptop where he can search for help.

So back in real time we meet a retired teacher, Rhonda Charles (Brenda Porter) and her best friend Marybeth Mulaney (Karen Howell).   Rhonda wants to start doing something to help others, and she puts a posting on a social media site.  And, that’s when the needs merge.  Rhonda gets an email from the Prince who asks for her assistance, in the unknown region where he’s located.  Rhonda has no idea of where the place is, but at her age she is ready to take a SKIN (Spend Kids Inheritance Now) trip to nowhereville to be of help.  Marybeth thinks she’s lost her mind but as her BFF she just has to go with her.

Zardelgnia is not quite what anyone might have expected, but once they’re on the ground, they just have to deal with it, and the story goes on.  Directed by Shannon Eubanks and with Stacy Melich, Parris Sarter and Jef Holbrook rounding out the cast in 3 roles each; it is an unique experience.  You also get to know Shamala, who speaks not, but has a major role.

It may well be that the playwright was inspired by recent political matters, some classic bedtime tales and current world events.  It’s not a musical.  It is a play about values and what’s important in life.  Might not be for everybody, as you join the trip to wherever it goes.

I can’t tell you more, as you have to visit there yourself.  There’s more to the tale than what is said above.  So get your passport and bring your visa (card).  More info at