Guys and Dolls

Guys and Dolls
Lyric Theatre
through September 4, 2022

The theatre had to cancel the shows August 27-28 when several actors tested positive for Covid. They do have to follow the industry rules and test actors every day. Better safe than sorry. As of August 28th the company plans to reopen on Thursday, September 1 and go full run to closing. Advice is to check their website and/or speak with box office.

This is a real Broadway type of production; albeit ain’t exactly as you saw in NYC or the movies. But, you know that Nathan (Juan Carlos Unzueta) has got to get the game going; and also has his strange relationship with Miss Adelaide (Chloe Cordle). The cast of two dozen players do a grand job under the direction of Kayce Grogan-Wallace, and they hoof it well through the choreography by Veronica Silk.

You’ll enjoy how they line up some sinners for Sister Sarah to keep her gig going, and The Hot Box Girls are a hot number as well. The show runs about 2.5 hours and every minute is really entertaining. More info and tickets at