Guys & Dolls


Guys & Dolls


through November 21, 2015

Unless you have been comatose for many years, you have seen these guys who get involved with some dolls before. And you can probably hum along or sing many of Frank Loesser’s great numbers.

This little theatre in Sandy Springs has brought together a cast of more than 20 players with a live band and they pull it off splendidly. Johnna B. Mitchell directed the show, and Jody Woodruff choreographed the dance numbers.

Nathan Detroit (Daniel Pino) has got to get a location for a crap game, but there’s no way he can use the Biltmore garage. So what’s a guy to do? He figures he can grab a few bucks by making a sucker bet with a dude named Sky Masterson (Bill Humble). Does it work? Is Sky that dumb? After the first-round flop, he figures to try to hook Sky up with a Bible thumping doll named Sarah (Mala Bhattacharya), and the story takes off.

Another problem is this tough guy from Chicago named Big Jule. Jule (Jack Allison) don’t like losing, and he is kind of stuck in his ways. You don’t want to mess with Big Jule. Nicely-Nicely Johnson is Nathan’s gofer, and Tyree Jones does a good job, especially when he attends the meeting at the Mission. But, all eyes and ears are riveted on Miss Adelaide when she’s working at The Hot Box or pouring forth her laments.

What is so wonderful about this classic production is that it matters not how many times you’ve seen the play or the film, or heard the music. It never fails to entertain. And, when you find a small local house that has the cajones to stage a show of this magnitude; you have to appreciate it even more. More I cannot wish you than to enjoy an evening with easy access, free parking, plenty of nearby beaneries, and have special time.

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