Hometown Boy

Hometown Boy
Actor’s Express
through November 28, 2021

This world premiere of Hometown Boy by Keiko Green is quite a production with great players working through the story of a young man from a small town in Georgia, who comes back after a decade to see his dad, who is losing some marbles; only to be the trigger for an earthquake of personal problems that would make your family seem totally sane.

James (Ryan Vo) shows up with his Asian girl friend, Becks (Michelle Pokopac) in the rural community where I suppose his family were only a few folks of Asian background. James’ dad, Walter (Glen Kubota) is living alone, since his wife left many years ago, and like many older single gents is not the best housekeeper one might hope for.

What starts to unwrap is the history of when and why James left town as a young man, and was probably encouraged to do so by Walter. In fact, James could pack it all in the very day he got home, as is was no longer the home he recalled. For when he was a student in high school his teacher, Sam (Allison Dayne) and he might have had some inappropriate behavior. That was all taken care of by Walter and Philip (Chris Kayser) who had become the Governor and friend of Walter. The other play on stage is the bar owner, who may know a lot more than most might think and his name is Collin (Daniel Parvis).

Rebecca Wear directs the show which really bites into you, and it all takes place on a fine set designed by Isabel & Moriah Curley-Clay. You can feel the angst when some of the dialect explodes from one actor to another; but that’s life.

This is a top quality production which runs in one act about 90 minutes. Actor’s Express is easy to get to, reasonable valet parking, good view from all seats and usual Covid protocols imposed. So bring you CDC card and a mask. More info and tickets at Actor-Express.com