Hot Pink, or Ready to Blow

Hot Pink, or Ready to Blow

The Weird Sisters Theatre Project

through August 30, 2015

It’s always such an amazing thing that actors will work their buns off to learn lines and moves, and stage a show that runs for only a few performances. Especially when it turns out that the show deserves a nice long run.

I could just imagine this one being staged in SOHO, where it might run for months on end. And I hope that the creators find that happening. Playwright and Actor Jonny Drago put this one together about a town named New Pompeii, which just happens to lie next to a volcano which has the habit or erupting unless some helpless virgins are sacrificed into it.

Veronika Duerr brought together a versatile cast and must have really enjoyed directing this riotous offering. Casey Gardner, Bryn Striepe, Parris Sarter, Bobby Labartino, Gina Rickicki and Topher Payne bring the house down as three high school BFFs have to decide whether to give up their virginity or their lives. Guess what . . . They have to deal with my grade school math teacher, an egocentric Daddy type, a kinda different man-woman or woman-man, and a pop singer and sports coach as well as others along the path.

This is not your usual performance from a group of talented women who started out at the Atlanta Shakespeare Company . . . but they did prove that even all women can perform the Scottish Play if they wish to do so. There are plenty of expletives and single entendres, so this isn’t for Miss Prim or the kindergartners.

This time they are playing in the Black Box theatre on the 3rd floor at the Alliance. So it is easy to get to using Marta to Art Station, or use the garage at Woodruff Center. They are playing for only these 2 weeks, with shows through the 30th, but dark on 25th. Show time is 8pm and it runs about and hour and 40 minutes. Tickets and more info at